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  • Aitor Saraiba

    Aitor is a Talavera de la Reina artist who works drawing, pottery, textile, painting, video and photography. His imaginary has a complex approach and depth in feeling. As a kid he loved drawing and telling stories, and that underlies to his pictorical work: deep and autobiographic in many cases.

  • Paulina silva

    Paulina is a chilean artist who works painting, drawing and engraving. Understanding the representation and creativity since the very own experience, while considering women the center of interest, takes her to develop a work where an everyday nature shows full of questions about nature, time and her own body

  • Marcela Restrepo

    Marcela is a Colombian artist settled in Australia. Her work reflects aesthetic investigation of objects of keepsake that refer to her life journey.

    Simple and organic proceses and humble basic tools and materials: pencils, ballpoint pens, papier-mache, air clay, or any other material at hand

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Cotton Poplin Scarf - Aitor Saraiba
Cashmere + Silk Scarf - Paulina Silva
Cotton Poplin Scarf - Marcela Restrepo