A passionate family business that combines Oriol  20 years pioneering and growing in natural wine, and Susana 20 years publishing and designing memorable collections.

Settled after the Barcelona city lights and big companies, through an introspective journey across the Mediterranean regions, to create a familiar life style and their place in the world. 

Assuredly mixing old with new, sorting through the web of tradition, wisdom and stories for a unified vision of past knowledge and contemporary expertise elegantly poured in a wine glass. Wines and horizons in Castilla 

Màquina&tabla imaginary is enigmatic and very personal. We have an interest on macabre nature, in enigmas and art. Indigenous animals in danger of extintion lead our labels, close to arquetipical women that represent the land and the eternal care that the grandmothers have given to the family with energy and generosity. Forces of nature are represented, in an eternal struggle for survival.

Wine celebrates life and is a triumph that every year we can raise our glass and get people together.