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Silk Habotai Scarf Scarf - Màquina&tabla

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Màquina&tabla imaginary is enigmatic and very personal. We have an interest on macabre nature, in enigmas and art. Indigenous animals in danger of extintion lead our labels, close to arquetipical women that represent the land and the eternal care that the grandmothers have given to the family with energy and generosity. Forces of nature are represented, in an eternal struggle for survival. Wine celebrates life and is a triumph that every year got people together.

A classical-non classical homage to Màquina&Tabla essence.

Silk habotai Scarf - 90cm x 190cm

Limited Edition


    Silk Habotai Scarf Scarf - Màquina&tabla

    As seen by...

    • As seen by...

    • Paulina Silva

    • Marcela Restrepo

    • Aitor Saraiba

    As seen by is a collection of artist creations inspired by Màquina&Tabla. Here you can have an artesanal quality reproduction of the exclusive works of art they have created inspired in our wines.

    Paulina is a chilean artist who works painting, drawing and engraving. Understanding the representation and creativity since the very own experience, while considering women the center of interest, takes her to develop a work where an everyday nature shows full of questions about nature, time and her own body.


    Marcela is a Colombian artist settled in Australia. Her work reflects aesthetic investigation of objects of keepsake that refer to her life journey.

    Simple and organic proceses and humble basic tools and materials: pencils, ballpoint pens, papier-mache, air clay, or any other material at hand.


    Aitor is a Talavera de la Reina artist who works drawing, pottery, textile, painting, video and photography. His imaginary has a complex approach and depth in feeling. As a kid he loved drawing and telling stories, and that underlies to his pictorical work: deep and autobiographic in many cases.

    Fine Art print Paulina Silva "Arriba, abajo, Fuera y Dentro", 2023
    Fine Art Print Marcella Restrepo
    Fine Art Print Aitor Saraiba - "Vena y Raíz" , 2023.